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Internal Kung Fu

The term "Internal Kung Fu" refers to the martial application of Tai Chi Chuan, rather, the martial applications of the principles which govern this internal art form. The study of Internal Kung Fu offers a new way of understanding the movements of Tai Chi Chuan, bringing them closer, in some way, to their original meaning. Tai Chi masters were always considered great fighters.

Internal Kung Fu reveals the practical and tangible applications behind the movements of Tai Chi  when used for fighting. As opposed to the method generally used to learn Tai Chi, in which sequences of movements are memorized, Internal Kung Fu is based on internal principles, starting with their martial application. This becomes a very powerful martial art form indeed. And the power that is generated stems from an overall sense of relaxation, making movement  more relaxed and natural, integrated and free from over- exertion, creating the ability to "feel" or "listen to "  the opponent and use one's Chi, rather like the Chinese proverb that speaks of an iron fist in a velvet glove.

Commonly used expressions in Tai Chi, such as, " the weak overthrows the strong", " riding the wind of change" and take on new and more tangible meaning, available to all, thanks to the principles of Internal Kung Fu.

The benefits of Internal Kung Fu are similar to those of Tai Chi (i.e., increased physical health, mental wellbeing, relaxation and spiritual growth) with the addition of an increased capacity for self defense and self control in dangerous situations. Internal Kung Fu increases awareness, of ourselves and our feelings, as well as providing  the tools to be able to deal both with ourselves and others. This results in greater self confidence and sense of ease when dealing with "attacks" in daily life. Internal Kung Fu is suitable for all and no previous training in martial arts is necessary.