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Tai Chi Chuan for Health

Tai Chi Chuan’s association with health is perhaps the most well-known. The principles and concepts behind the slow relaxed fluid movements of Tai Chi Chuan are central to its healing ability.

Whether you are part of the new wave of Tai Chi enthusiasts from the modern generation, or part of the traditionalist camp who practise Tai Chi Chuan in its full entirety, the art’s health benefits are universal to all. Tai Chi Chuan has a multifaceted approach to health. Its medicinal purposes go beyond the treatment of illness taking also a role in disease prevention. Tai Chi may at first seem only to work meticulously on the exterior compartment. Its precise and particular use of muscles, bones and joints serve to enhance tone and strength as well as improve balance, coordination and posture. However the benefits of Tai Chi Chuan are not only on the superficial musculoskeletal component and go beyond simply developing fitness. The Tai Chi process operates on a much deeper level, working from within. The ancient Chinese text, the ‘I Ching’, states that nature is always in motion and that mankind should follow nature, and exercise and strengthen itself continuously. It also stresses that the balance of Yin and Yang energies physically, mentally and emotionally are essential to mankind’s well-being. All Chinese Health disciplines apply this theory to their practice. Our bodies and each of our organs have within them elements of yin and yang. Both internal and external factors have a bearing on their balance. In some instances these organs may become more yang than yin. In others they may be more yin than yang. However the consequence is the same, creating an imbalance of Chi which if prolonged may lead further on to illness and disease. Treatment in the form of needles (Acupuncture), oral remedies (Herbal Medicine), massage (Tui Na), and movement (Tai Chi Chuan) all have a common theme that is to re-establish and maintain the balance of Chi.(More...)