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Welcome to the official National Academy of Tai Chi Chuan website

The National Academy of Tai Chi Chuan is a reference point for anyone interested in learning or deepening their knowledge of original Yang style Tai Chi Chuan .

The National Academy of Tai Chi Chuan bases itself on respect for the tradition and continual work and study. Its aim is to provide authentic teachings which encompass all the characteristics of Tai Chi as they have been passed down from generation to generation.

Emphasis is placed on improving health, building a strong internal body and understanding the principles of internal energy so as to gain practical mastery of the concepts that constitute this ancient practice.

The result is a system which teaches us stability, focus and grounding, as well as giving us strength and tranquility to help us deal with daily life. Last but by no means least, Tai Chi aims to transform us both physically and spiritually.

The National Academy of Tai Chi Chuan caters for various approaches to Tai Chi, whether your interest be therapeutic, for fighting, meditative and/or transformative.